Aino Järvelin

I have been working in the Davis lab since 2014, and I also work extensively with our collaborators in Alfredo Castello's lab. Before coming to Oxford I worked in Lars Steinmetz lab in EMBL where I completed my PhD before going on to work as a postdoctoral researcher. My research combines various biochemistry techniques, sequencing methods and bioinformatic data analysis to investigate the function of RNA-binding proteins.

Current Project

My key research interest is to understand how RNA-binding proteins regulate gene-expression and how this process contributes to human disease. In my work for the Davis lab my work focusses on how RNA-binding proteins regulate neural stem cell differentiation. In my collaboration with the Castello lab I am working on characterising the roles of RNA-binding proteins in viral infection in human cells. In addition to my lab-based work I also analyse sequencing and proteomics data sets using a variety of bioinformatic analysis techniques. 

Previous work

I completed my PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Germany in the lab of Lars Steinmetz, working on developing novel approaches for high-throughput RNA 5’ and 3’ isoform mapping. We have applied these approaches to characterise coding and non-coding transcription in yeast and mammals. 

Following my PhD I worked in the Steinmetz lab as a postdoctoral researcher where I worked investigating how RNA isoform variation is regulated during cellular differentiation in mammals, and what are its functional consequences on post-transcriptional RNA regulation.

Contact Details

Tel: 01865 613271

Twitter: @AinoJarvelin

Contact Us

Biochemistry Dept.
University of  Oxford,
South Parks Rd.,
Oxford, ​OX1 3QU



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Previous Education

MSc (2008-2009) in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics at University of Tampere, Finland.

For my MSc thesis final project, I worked on using genome-wide gene expression profiling of drug/chemical-treated tissue samples in order to classify novel compounds and to predict potential (later) adverse effects (so called "predictive toxicogenomics").

BSc (2004-2008) in Biochemistry, University of Tampere, Finland

For my BSc thesis project, I wrote a literature review on how the bacterial communities living in and on us (the so called "human microbiome") contribute to our health and wellbeing, and how (then new) experimental approaches, sequencing technologies and bioinformatics (this combined approach is called "metagenomics") help us better understand this complex, symbiotic relationship.

Other Sciency Activities

Here in Oxford, I am running the weekly Chromosome and RNA Biology Group (CRBG) seminar series together with Dr Tatyana Nesterova. In the past, I have acted as a member of the EMBL Science & Society committee and been the main coordinator of the EMBL 12th International PhD Student Symposium in 2010.

Above: An example of the kind dataset I commonly  generate and analyse