In the Davis lab we use bioinformatic analysis across our research themes as a powerful and flexible tool. This allows us to handle and extract information from massive datasets in a systematic and efficient manner, that would otherwise be almost impossible. We also have dedicated bioinformatics projects that work off data generated by sequencing-based lab projects. We are currently collaborating with the Castello lab investigating  the role of RNA-binding proteins in neural stem cell differentiation, and this project is led by Aino Jarvelin.

Co-workers: MK Thompson, Aino Jarvelin. 

Above: An example of the kind of dataset generated that requires bioinformatic analysis. 

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Aino I Järvelin, Marko Noerenberg, Ilan Davis, and Alfredo Castello (2016). The new (dis)order in RNA regulation. Cell Commun Signal: 14, 9.

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