I am DPhil student in the Davis lab, at the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Oxford. I am developing machine learning software (using supervised random forest algorithms) that automatically generates scientific hypotheses based on correlations between existing high quality data and genome-wide bioinformatics data. I belong to Linacre College and I am part of the Interdisciplinary Biology Doctoral Training Programme at Oxford.


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Tel: 01865 621271


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Biochemistry Dept.
University of  Oxford,
South Parks Rd.,
Oxford, â€‹OX1 3QU


Previously I completed a BA in 2015 and MSci in 2016 in Experimental and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge (Murray Edwards College). While there I worked in the Quantum Matter group of the Physics Department of the University of Cambridge as an intern for two summers. My work was on quantum materials and more specifically on Samarium Hexaboride, a material that is an insulator but displays simultaneous conduction-like properties under strong magnetic fields. After my graduation I worked in CoreFiling, a company providing financial reporting software and services. This is where my interest in machine learning software grew. 

I am a very enthusiastic DPhil student and keen to learn. I come from Cyprus, where I grew up and lived before moving to UK. In my free time I enjoy running, baking and socialising.