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This project aims to develop a low-cost open microscopy platform. The system being developed uses a low-cost microprocessor, the Raspberry Pi, to interface with hardware and provide a user-friendly microscope interface. The project is developed with a strong focus on designing the microscope as a learning tool. To this end, the microscope will be low-cost, robust, and include many elements that can be fabricated using a 3d printer. This project has been headed up by Matthew Wincott who is working in collaboration with us in the Engineering dept.

Left: The anticipated 'in a box' end product design. 

Above: A section of the Deep SIM microscope during development

Advanced Microscopy Development


This project, a collaboration with Micron Oxford, is centred around the construction of a custom-made Structured Illumination (SIM) microscope. This is designed to image a Drosophila muscle sheet and in particular the synapses found at the neuromuscular junction. Once completed it will allow ultra-fast live 3D super-resolution imaging while carrying out optogenetics, photobleaching/conversion, electrophysiology and microinjection experiments. This will enable our researchers to carry out experiments that are not possible using currently available technology. 

Co-workers: Ian Dobbie (Micron), Antonia Goehler, Josh Titlow, Richard Parton.