Right: Caenorhabditis elegans nematode, the model I used during my work at Cornell


1. Munoz CX, Maresh CM, Bivona JJ, Thornton SN, McKenzie AL, Creighton BC, Kunces LJ, Apicella JM, and Lee EC. Oxidative stress and DNA damage in response to acute dehydration, exercise stress, and recovery periods. [in preparation]

2.  Munoz CX, Maresh CM, Bivona JJ, Thornton SN, McKenzie AL, Apicella JM, Kunces LJ, Creighton BC, and Lee EC. Circulating and cellular stress responses to acute periods of dehydration, rehydration, exercise, and recovery. [in preparation]

3.  Lee EC, Thornton SN, Munoz CX, Maresh CM. PBMC transcriptome-wide responses to 24h passive dehydration. [in preparation]

Above: Some images  of Drosophila third instar larval brains I have taken in my project. We use a combination of fluorescent proteins, dyes and antibody staining to assess the localisation of protein and RNA with single molecule resolution. 


Staci Thornton

Research Project

Along with several other Davis lab members I worked on a large-scale screening project, looking for localising RNA and proteins in the larval nervous system. This screen will include both the central and peripheral nervous system and will cover hundreds of genes. This project involves using advanced imaging techniques in collaboration with Micron, the imaging unit housed within our department, to generate high quality images of the larval brain. This  allowed me to assess which genes are involved in development of the brain, with particular focus on the mushroom body which is the centre of memory and learning.

PRevious Work

Before coming to the Davis lab I worked as a research specialist in Cornell University in the lab of Dr. Frank Schroeder on various projects using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system. Prior to my work in Cornell I completed my B.Sc. in Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University followed by a Professional Science Masters in Applied Genomics at the University of Connecticut. 

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